It’s time!! I know that deep down you have a burning desire to create a life that you love!

A life that is AUTHENTIC and in tune with the REAL NATURE of the WHO YOU ARE ( an amazing, talented, wise, beautiful, LOVING human being! ) But there is a part of you that constantly self sabotages? OR you actually just have no idea who you are? OR what should you be doing? I totally get it!

I spent decades battling a mind consumed with negative thoughts around who I was, constantly obsessed with trying to fix myself, in order to create a ‘perfect’ life that would make me happy in the future ( never in the present )

I though I knew who I was, but honestly, I HAD NO IDEA! I was ALWAYS trying to be SOMEONE ELSE! And this made me an ANXIOUS MESS, affecting every area of my life, health, work, romantic relationships, family and friendships.

I honestly thought I would be miserable for the rest of my life!

Then I found SELF AWARENESS ( aka mindfulness & meditation! )

In the last 6 years, my burning desire, love and passion for Self Awareness has allowed me to fully UNCOVER and EMBRACE my TRUE SELF which has made significant POSITIVE CHANGES to all areas of my life!

Life no longer stresses me out to the degree it used to. I now trust that within me I know WHAT’S BEST and the laws of nature have my back. I have finally accepted and fallen in love with WHO I AM, imperfections and all! FEELS SOO GOOD!! 🙂

Through LOVING Self Awareness, I now WITNESS the layers of conditioning/ false beliefs that CONSUME MY MIND and simply ALT, CONTROL, DELETE them!

I now FEEL in to every experience, accessing the WIDSOM WITHIN to uncover all the answers!  And I have a burning passion within is to HELP YOU do the same!

Only Self Awareness will help you 110% LOVE and accept WHO YOU ARE!

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you in the hope that you too, will learn to AWAKEN your TRUE SELF! The one that wants to CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE! Starting TODAY!

Life is to be enjoyed, so just BE YOURSELF and most importantly…  HAVE FUN!

With love

Camille x


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Camille is a qualified meditation, yoga teacher and Life Coach. She loves writing, studying, teaching and practising Self Awareness. She has a vision of helping as many people as possible who are struggling with creating a life they love, who are fed up, anxious and over it! She gets it, which is why she wants to help change the way you think, starting TODAY! 

For more information on how she may be able to help you visit- http://www.todayiloved.com

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