What lights you up?

lifestyle-25-of-104-copy-3What are you truely passionate about, what is your purpose?

We seem to get asked this question a lot these days, and I understand why, knowing the answer is what motivates happiness and success.

Tonight I attended a group workshop run by Collection Potential, a Melbourne based self development social enterprise committed to helping people create the change they want to see.

Part of the experience, was being guided to connect and sharing honestly with strangers, pushing through vulnerability. Questions we asked each other, once paired up, was ‘What lights you up?’ over and over again, then followed by ‘ What doesn’t light you up?’

This new experience of answering these two simple questions, openly with someone i’ve never met before, made me realise that thankfully, I am very aware of what lights me up.

However it also seems that what doesn’t, all my doubts and fears around my own capabilities, is what is holding me back from truely living my life.

Tonight a complete stranger, who I had only spoken to for around 30 minutes, shared with me that he felt it was a privilege to have spoken to me and that he could see me being very successful at all that I wanted to achieve. Awww.. nice hey?

Connection, being real, believing in yourself, loving who you are…that’s what lights me up!

So…what lights you up? I’d love to hear from you x

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