How to deal with being stood up!

A photo by Matthew Wiebe. experienced a no show today, yep, I got stood up.

A woman who had agreed to come look at my flat at 4pm, didn’t turn up, ignored my phone call, and chose to not respond to my text.

Prior to that, our communication had been super friendly, we had both agreed on the time, we even exchanged smiley face emojis when messaging each other, so I honestly have no idea what went wrong?!

As I type this, I still have no evidence of why she disappeared off the face of the earth. But my mind couldn’t help thinking, seriously how rude is this woman?!? Has she become so desensitized to people, that if a situation is no longer in her best interest, she doesn’t care at all about the other person involved?

If I make a time to meet sometime, and then for whatever reason, I can no longer make it, I would text or call and apologise in advance, or at the least, respond if the person tried to call.

Treat others how you would like to be treated, common moral courtesy, I don’t feel its a hard concept to get your head and heart around!

In the past this sort of action would have really pissed me off for hours!! But this time, being able to witness my thoughts, I was able to quickly gain control of my emotions that were very eager to get all fired up!

As soon as I could see my mind trying to come up with stories of how she was a horrible person, who was deliberately choosing to be a bitch towards me, I shut the thoughts down!

Instead I gave her 20 mins, then after hearing nothing, I grabbed my bag, jumped in the car, and got on with my day.

Trusting that there is a process in place, that is greater than me, I now have ninja mind skills to easily detach from emotional attachment to wanting things to go a certain way, my way.

I’ve learnt to accept the good or bad, whatever the case may be, and just go with flow!

This woman didn’t turn up, which means, for whatever reason we weren’t supposed to meet, and you know what, it chewed up 20 mins of my day, if that, no harm done!

By becoming more aware, I no longer let negative thoughts turn in to negative emotions, instead I simply go back to enjoying the present moment, trusting that something better is on its way! 🙂

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