Delete the list of Rules!

A photo by Luis Llerena. can I do TODAY in order to love WHO I AM? This is the question I ask myself every morning before I start the day. It’s a simple question, that for me has been life changing, which is why I wanted to share it with you!

For decades I have never asked myself this simple question, instead I went about my day, operating on old thought and belief systems that involved A LOT of future planning ( mainly around trying to fix myself ) in order to be happy.

Some past examples of this

  • Making RULES around exercising every day after work, no excuses, don’t be LAZY!
  • Making RULES around what I ate, no sugar, no carbs, no booze, all VERY BAD FOR YOU!
  • Making RULES around getting my ass to at least 2 yoga classes, don’t WASTE your monthly membership!
  • Making RULES around how much time spent on Facebook & watching TV, an hour a day is enough, don’t waste your time STARING AT A SCREEN!
  • Making RULES around meditating for 20 mins twice a day, if you don’t, you’re NOT SPIRITUAL ENOUGH and shouldn’t be a meditation teacher!

Wow, just reading that list makes me feel soooo exhausted, no wonder I used to feel anxious and frustrated with myself all the time, I had so many expectations to live up to in order to be ‘happy’!

So here is whats changed, rather than future planning every aspect of my life, I now simply focus on what I need to do TODAY in order to be 100% authentic and happy! BOOM! LIFE CHANGING!

By focusing just on TODAY, all the stress and anxiety I had around my life has dissolved away! Life has become WAY more manageable. I feel so happy and loved, and am continually amazed at all the wonderful things that happen to me EVERY DAY, simply by choosing to live this way!

So here is my advice, take your weekly, monthly list of RULES and DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!

Instead start your day with 1 simple question- What can I do TODAY to LOVE WHO I AM?

To get the answer- close your eyes, breathe and take a few moments to let go of all the negative crap and wait patiently for the positive, helpful stuff to rise ( this is called Self Awareness/mindfulness/meditation ). Then write down the first 2 or 3 helpful things that come to mind, and make that your focus for today. SIMPLE!

This could still include, go for a walk, have a healthy day of eating, get your ass to a yoga class. But if you FEEL, in order to LOVE who you are, this is what you need to do TODAY, then you are much more inclined to do it with a smile on your face! 🙂

Don’t worry about what you need or should be doing in the future in order to be happy, that sh*t is stressful, especially seeing the future is never certain due to life constantly changing!!

Love who you are! Enjoy today!

Be happy! Have fun! Enjoy the ride! x

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