Making a sexy smooth electronic love mix!

A photo by Lee  Campbell. I woke up this morning, my plan was to complete online course work that’s due in a few days, but in choosing to take my own recent advice to live in the moment, I ended up sitting on the couch all day listening to music.

Now at first I struggled with it because A, I wasn’t doing what I had planned ( I love being in control ) and B, by just sitting back and not doing much at all, I felt incredibly guilty for being ‘what my mind thought was’ lazy!

But by letting go ( some call this following charm ) in the end, I had one of the most chilled out relaxing days I’ve had in a really long time! Guilt free because I allowed myself to let go of what I think I ‘should’ be doing, and trust that my intuition knows whats best for me in the present moment!

Tomorrow I still have time to complete the course work, so it will get done. But instead, I will now feel much more relaxed, having spent today indulging my soul and creating a awesome playlist, which is what I love most!

If you are like me, and love sexy, smooth, chilled out electronic music that makes you feel all loved up and awesome, below is the playlist I created on Soundcloud, made with love, that I wanted to share with you all. ( You see, I actually ended up having a very productive day! )

Maybe you can take some time out this weekend to put on some tunes, chill out, just be and see where it leads!

Enjoy x



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