Living in the NOW!

Photo on 10-03-2016 at 10.32 PM #2.jpgAfter doing a pretty crazy 6 days of silent meditation, I just spent the last 2-3 hours freestyle journaling my deepest darkest thoughts on life. During the process I came to the realisation that the mistake I continue to make is trying to plan my ‘perfect’ future, which is pretty bloody stupid when the universal law of nature is that nothing is ever permanent, everything is constantly changing!

This means that even if I plan out my really awesome future there is a very good chance, on a daily basis, it won’t turn out the way I want, leaving me feeling stressed and frustrated, emotions I would rather live without!

So I came up with with brilliant idea! What if, rather than spending so much time planning my awesome future, that is never a guarantee, I handed it over to the laws of nature and just focused on enjoying the present moment, which for me always seems to be pretty chilled out and awesome!

I wrote down this mental note to myself- ‘ Camille, it’s time to start living in the NOW. Stop worrying about the future, stop hiding from the world until you feel you are perfect enough to be heard or seen. Use your passion for blogging on Todayiloved to be the change you want to see in the world! Make it your focus to live in the now, write about it, and see what happens. What have you got to lose? You’re currently unemployed, and who know’s what next job will be offered, it may be great, it may be shit! Who cares, life is always changing and you have all the wisdom within, so allow the NOW to give you all the answers you need.’

I closed my notebook and noticed the front cover ( which I honestly didn’t notice before picking it up ) and laughed. It said ‘ Life is Always NOW’. I think I just got the confirmation I needed.

So here’s to NOT thinking if I should send this post or not, if I should post this photo or not, because I’m sure there could always be a thousand better ones!

Here’s to taking the first step in being fearless, listening to my intution and choosing to do what feels right, even if not perfect, right now. x

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