How to avoid visiting the kitchen when feeling emotional!

lifestyle-1-of-104-copyYesterday I had a ‘feeling crap’ day!

My thought process went a little something like this… ‘Seriously Camille, you’re such a failure! I knew you’d gain weight overseas in just one week! You have no will power when it comes to social occasions! Look at your body, it’s so disgusting. Why did you eat all that wedding cake and drink all that booze? You know having those things makes you feel like crap. You deserve to gain weight and feel miserable. You don’t deserve being happy!’

Wow!! Talk about hating on myself!

But the pity party didn’t stop there!

As I sat in bed, scrolling through Facebook, my mind continued ‘You are so deluded Camille, you will never be successful compared to others, you are not smart enough, pretty enough, lovable enough, just give up and accept that you’ll always work for someone else in a job you dislike, you’re not talented, get over yourself!’

Then I found myself standing in my kitchen. Not just once, but time and time again!

Thinking I was hungry, I’d make something to eat, go back in to my bedroom, feel better for a few minutes, but then the mind would find a new negative thought and abracadabra, I’d be back in the kitchen again!

For me, food has always been my no#1 source of comfort. It’s easy to access, tastes good and doesn’t talk back.

But most of the time its not hunger, its just an internal craving for love.

When I love myself, I don’t crave food, actually I don’t even think about it!

I realised when I found myself in my kitchen ( way too many times! ) I just needed to get out of the house, go to yoga and speak to a friend!

And that I did! I cycled to yoga, attended a class and instantly felt better because I was doing something loving for my body and mind. Then I called a friend, and instantly felt better because she too had been having a feeling crap day, so we laughed about how ridiculous it was, seeing we are beautiful, smart, wise beings!

So if you are having a feeling crap day, exit the kitchen ASAP and do something loving for your body and mind!

Go for a walk, do yoga, dance, write, call a friend, sit in a park, read a book, have a massage… whatever it takes to get out of the kitchen and distract those waste of time, negative thoughts ruining your day!

When you do something loving for your Self, the negative thoughts fade away. So why not do something loving for your Self every day! x

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